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Marder 1A3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

A very rare vehicle in private ownership and already in the US.  An amazing combat vehicle for the collector who wants the newest and finest.


This Marder 1A3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (UFV) is an exceptionally modern vehicle for the collector’s market.  It is also in exceptionally beautiful condition inside and out fully functional in all regards except for the BATF-approved demilled 20mm cannon.  It is serial number 908 and was probably built in 1997.  It was obtained by the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation in a trade with the Deutsches Panzermuseum at Munstser in May/June 2006.  Pioneer tools, tow cables and other accessories are included.  Lights, vision ports and periscopes are all very nice. The engine starts and runs very smoothly.  All driver’s controls function properly.

Initially, the Marder 1 had a four-man crew and a remotely-controlled machine gun mounted in a pod on top of the hull rear.  Eventually, one crew member and the machine gun pod were removed to save weight and space.  At the time of its introduction in 1971, the Marder 1 was protected against 20-mm AP rounds while being armed with its own 20-mm cannon and a MILAN anti-tank missile launcher.  This made it one of the most heavily protected and armed IFVs of its time.

Beginning in 1988, existing Marders were upgraded to the 1A3 standard which included the addition of thermal imaging sights, modifying the suspension brakes and transmission.  Also included in the upgrade was a new armor package to protect the vehicle against 30-mm AP rounds as used by the Russian BMP-2 IFV.  And finally, the co-axial machine gun was moved into a pod next to the 2–mm cannon.

Overall Vehicle
Weight 36.9-tons (33,500-kg)
Length 22' 6” (6.88-m)
Height 9' 10"
Crew 3+6 infantry dismounts
Armor Proof against 30-mm AP
Weapons -Primary 1x 20-mm Mk20 Rh202 auto cannon (demilled)
Weapons - Secondary 1x MILAN anti-tank missile mount. 1x7 .62-mm MG3 machine gun (Replica)
Engine MTU MB833 Ea-500 22.4-liter 6 cylinder diesel, 600-hp
Power/Weight 16.3-hp/ton
Fuel capacity 172-USG (652-l)
Range 310-miles (500-km)
Speed 40-mph (65-km/h)

Weight: 36.9-tons (33,500-kg)
Length: 22′ 6” (6.88-m)
Width: 11′ 1” (3.38-m)
Height: 9′ 10” (3.02-m)
Crew: 3+6 infantry dismounts
Proof against 30-mm AP
1x 20-mm | Mk20 Rh202 auto cannon (Demilled)
-Secondary 1x MILAN anti-tank missile mount 1×7.62-mm MG3 machine gun (Replica)
Engine: MTU MB833 Ea-500 22.4-liter 6-cylinder diesel, 600-hp
Power/weight: 16.3-hp/ton
Fuel Capacity: 172-USG (652-l)
Range: 310-miles (500-km)
Speed: 40-mph (65-km/h)

Contact Information

This vehicle has been inspected by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or service partner and includes additional services.

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Chillicothe, OH . 45601


Message to Vender

Price $295 000
Type Armor & Tracked
Style Tank
Year 1997
Condition Road Worthy
Location USA