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Lohr Fardier FL

RARE!!  500 built in 1970 for French airborne troops.  Permanent 4×4.  36 hp, middle transversal engine.  One transmission unit on each axle.  Coil spring suspension.  Each rear wheel has an independent parking brake for sharp turns.  The 4 wheel brakes are disks.  All parts are easily available from Peugeot-Citroen.  Speed limited to 35 KM/H  by a vacuum in the carburetor but can be easily removed.  Capable of carrying or towing 500 KG on a 50% slope.  Torque is very impressive.  Works perfectly.  Starts like a modern car.  5 new tires,, new brakes.  No leaks.  Paint is original.  Registered in California as off road vehicle.  Only other known Lohr we know of is in the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN

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Price $17 500
$13 000
Type Specialty, Vehicles
Style 4 WD
Year 1970s
Condition Very Good