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Shipping information

A NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING/PICK-UP: You can estimate the price for transporting Vehicles on the uShip website via the link below. We also highly recommend searching uShip to compare prices on similar shipments--since transporters on uShip bid against each other for shipments, they often offer huge discounts off the rates estimated by the uShip calculator!

Information on taking photos of your military vehicle for an ad on this site.

When taking photos make sure that your vehicle is clean and out doors. Photos taken inside a building are of a much lower quality. The following photos are the recommended minimum:

  1. Front left side taken at about a 45 degree angle.

  2. Front right side at the same angle. When taking photos in bright sun it may be necessary to turn the vehicle around to get the side that was opposite the sun when you started. Never take photos with the sun in front of the camera, it should always be behind your back.

  3. At least two photos of the engine compartment, one showing the right side and one of the left side.

  4. Rear left and right sides at this angle.

  5. A close-up of the dash showing the instrument panel.

  6. A close-up of any data plates. ( Your camera may need to be set to Close Up or Macro to get good detail. See your camera documentation to determine how this is done on you digital camera )

  7. After making arrangements with us for you vehicle ad, email your digital photos to us. We recommend that you use a photo editing software that can send your photos directly to your email program and resize them at the same time. One such free program is Picasa from Google.

You can download a copy of Picasa from Google's download page link below.

Download Picasa 


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