106 mm Recoilless Rifle from the Vietnam era

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Rock Island Armory 106 mm recoilless rifle and 50 caliber M8 (short round) spotting gun. It is certified as a non-gun by Tim LaFrance, a class-3 gun manufacturer from LaFrance Specialties, and it is etched into the top of the barrel to indicate the certification. THE MECHANICAL MULE IS NOT INCLUDED. The rifle was de-milled by inserting a 1” x 9” tool steel bar through the side of the breech, showing a slight rounded “bump” on the side of the breech wall, and a cross bar welded inside the barrel as required by BATF. The M8 was welded together using good de-milled parts and new parts. It will not fire, but the bolt action operates properly. The image of the M8 shows where the cut was and how nicely it was rejoined. This is a BLANK FIRING 106 mm. Included is a specially designed shell casing with a slot along the side to allow it to be loaded into the breech as before the de-mill process. It has a 12 Ga shotgun barrel replacing the igniter tube in the shell. There are venturi type openings set in the shell to allow the powder capsule to be ignited by a “Hollywood Sparkler” via the firing pin button on the elevation wheel. It allows the smoke and gases to exit the breech openings slightly before they exit the muzzle end. The modified shell can be loaded and extracted as it was originally designed.

This is an excellent museum quality example. There are a few light paint scratches from handling throughout the years. I doubt you can find a nicer example offered anywhere.

Included with the 106 is an extra practice round, 4cardboard round tubes painted black (the yellow markings were too far gone to be saved). There is an accessory kit that mounts to a Mule to hold a bore brush, brush handles, 4 round tubes finished in 24087 OD green, and a NEW military vinyl cover kit. The elevation and traversing mount is attached to the 106 and operates properly. I believe there is a tripod, although I haven’t seen it for a while. Please don’t ask for me to find it before the sale. Consider it a bonus when the 106 arrives with the tripod included. I have both the 5 and 10 round M8 magazines. There is a custom cabinet cart that allows the 106 to be rolled about easily that goes with the sale.

Location: It is located 45 miles outside of Los Angeles, CA.